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the ultimate guide to get high following live! an immersive book that talks spirituality, sexuality and drugs and that's fun


But I won’t reset on my latest

If that is for a test just to prepare

I heard you daring care

For all damn saints

But that ain’t the way i heard laws say

And that ain’t the way i heard lords play

For I am to claim and to reset

With a man that care and to respect

If that is what you heard from the deep wave

Then that ain’t the thing that you neglect

But one day you will come

With full force coming

And they won’t shut their mouth

Just to become

So far is the ghost that once sat there

In a place that stands for man’s faith believe

On the road rising with piercing grace

That is in the path for cows baby girl

But I’m in a path for a woman

Shedding all what’s left just an offset
White spear sperming like rain falling


7. (India 7 poetry excerpt)